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    That’s all folks!

    “Every ending is a new beginning”Bhagavad Gita

    Well well well… Yes people, after two years of struggles and challenges, I have finally graduated with Master of Science in Electrical Engineering.  It was indeed a bumpy ride, a lot of things happened during these two years.  I somehow don’t regret my decision of choosing TU Delft over other prestigious European and American universities. I had the honor to meet and work around unique people with special talents, which made Delft my second home. The environment and the people of this country are so welcoming and helpful that you don’t feel that you are away from home (Therefore, My blog is called “HOME AWAY FROM HOME“).

    As soon as you arrive, you will be welcomed by the typical Holland rains! Yes it does rain a lot for instance in the Netherlands. However, it is just gonna be a drizzle (not a downpour). If you’re from a warm country it may take time to adjust. The weather should definitely not stop anyone from studying here. Overtime, who knows you might just fall in love with this weather.

    Landing in Schipol

    The first couple of weeks will be only fun, you will do everything apart from academics. Check this post on Introduction Programme 2015:

    Home away from Home 1 (IP-2015)

    If you are part of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS), then you will have an additional programme called Master Kick off.

    Master Kick-off 2015

    Work in group projects


    Proudly display your country’s flag.

    You will celebrate new years in style:

    Gelukkig nieuwjaar 2016

    You will be directly/indirectly part of an student association:

    Sterkstroomdispuut (SSD)

    will be part of an International student associations

    you will cook, atleast try to cook for yourself:

    My Kichidi story!

    You will take a stroll around the campus, this time by making minute observations:

    TU landscapes

    Peep out of your window to take exquisite snaps!

    You will attend the lectures and also target the free lunch sessions :p

    Future prospects of Photo-voltaic Technology

    Did you know there is a small lake in Delft? You will definitely visit all the touristy places around Delft:

    Travel around/ Take a break

    Meet Indian celebrities :p


    Travels 🙂

    More travels!

    Will make new friends :p

    You will go on excursions:

    SSD Siemens Berlin Excursion – The City of Berlin.

    You will witness few awesome courses at the TU:

    Electrical power system of the future – (Part 1)

    You will win some competitions, will go International :p

    Systems Engineering :p

    You will attend conferences while you are studying:

    IPST day, Paris 2017

    One of a kind flower parade, that goes through Delft:

    Floating parade!

    Climb the church tower and visit the Saturday markets at the Centrum

    Internships that give you exposure in so many levels, you might do it:


    You will get inspired by the special lectures organised at the TU:

    A necessary evil !

    A note on my internship:

    Terborg, Lovink and ‘we connect your power’ !

    December, you shall witness snow, ice and much more:

    ‘Effe Lekker Schaatsen’ (ELS)

    Did you know, TU Delft has a nuclear reactor?

    The bluish glow! – A visit to the Delft reactor!!

    Young Cigre NL:

    Young CIGRE team day: Off-shore wind

    Certain other things that might interest you:

    Applications/ study/ surviving the TU

    You will defend your thesis in style :p


    My intentions for joining the promotion team were very clear from the start; my grandpa always used to emphasize on returning the favor to the institute that helps you to develop and grow, I did the exact same thing through this blog. You might also notice that in certain posts I have been very critical of the TU. Hope this blog was useful for you. If you think you can contribute to this awesome promotions team; contact them, be a part of an exciting team, get exposure, learn something new and enjoy what you do :p

    Signing off……!




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